Saturday, 2 May 2009

M&Ms - Misi and Markets...

I decided to open a Misi Shop a few weeks ago, after hearing quite a lot about the website through the Crafts forum.  I haven't made any sales as yet but I'm really impressed with the site so far.  It's straight forward to use, both as a seller and as a buyer.  So far I've got one person who my shop, plus five of my items are on people's wish lists. Hopefully I'll make my first sale soon...

In other news...I've sold a couple of mirrors this week, so I'll be busy making them over the bank holiday weekend. I have my first event of the year next week too - it's on at Flea Market at the Folk House on Park Street in Bristol.  If you want to find out more they have a Facebook page which gives you more details on the event and the stall holder. I'm hoping it will be quite busy as it's a popular area for Bristol shoppers. I need to get myself organised - quite a few things I want to make to take with me, plus I need to design and print some flyers to hand out on the day. If you're local to the area, please call in, say hello and have a good look around!  See you there :) 


  1. Hi Katie

    Hope all goes well at Bristol

    Jan xx

  2. Just had a quick look at your Misi Shop and it looks really good. I'm sure it won't be long before you make your first sale.