Saturday, 6 June 2009

First MISI Sale!

Sorry, I've not blogged for nearly a month now! Things have been pretty hectic on the order side, teamed up with work (day job!), housework, gardening and the gym! I haven't even been on the internet much which is very unlike me!

I'm thrilled to announce that I made my very first sale on MISI yesterday! This set of coasters will be winging it's way to my first MISI customer very shortly...

In other news... :) Things are progressing very well with the website. My sister has done a FAB job, I'm really pleased. I've having trouble keeping up with her though - I've decided to take all my own pictures and I can't make them quick enough to keep sending her photos! Along with a number of orders I need to make this weekend I also need to get making for the website. Don't think I'll be taking advantage of the weather for some nice bright shots this weekend though!

Right, I've got to get going with these orders. Tata for now!